What is it and how does it work?

CALLSTR is a browser-based software that can be easily integrated into any website and allows website visitors to start a video consultation with a single click via a widget.

Customer requests can be processed quickly and efficiently, and the personal contact promotes the user experience and thus customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. CALLSTR distinguishes itself by a particularly user-friendly operation.

No software download or registration is required on the website of the website visitor.

By integrating the software, a widget appears on your website. Via the widget, your website visitors can use the “live-call” button to establish a connection with you or your consultants. 

The website visitor can decide whether to only allow access to the microphone or microphone and camera. Both the consultant and the website visitor can share their screen during the call. No party can access the other party’s computer.

If a website visitor calls via CALLSTR, you will hear the ringing and see the call in the CALLSTR dashboard, which you will use to answer the call. 

If there is no consultant available, the caller can fill out a callback form. This allows for you to call or message back later once a consultant is available. 

If all consultants are busy, the website visitor can wait in the waiting room until an agent can take their call.

Website visitors can also set appointments for a call in the calendar. Both of you will then receive a link for the scheduled call.  

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