How to get started with CALLSTR

You want to offer live video consultation on your website? Then CALLSTR is right for you. Here you will find instructions on how to set up CALLSTR in just a few steps.

Go to and click on “Get your free trial / Register”. Enter your data and accept the data protection and AGB. Please confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.

After successfully confirming your email address, you can log into your account on and familiarize yourself with the CALLSTR dashboard.

Create, Add, and Connect Channels

Now it’s time to set everything up for your website. Click on “Quick Setup” and enter your domain without the “www.”-part. You will receive confirmation that a channel with your website domain has been created. 

To connect the channel with your domain, first, go to profile-menu, click on “My Channel” and then on “My Widgets”. By clicking on “Create new Widget” you can give your widget a name, channel, and set a language for it.  

Of course, you can also add more channels by going to the profile menu and clicking on “My Channels” and then “New Channel”. Go to “Add Origin” and add your domain without the “www.”-part. You can always edit your channels on the “My Channel” page in the “Edit Channel” section. There, you can also set an admin and choose team members that you have added by going to the “Channel Access” section. In the “Manage Origins” section you can also change the domain of your channel.

Embedding the Widget

Now you need to embed the tool into your website. Go to “My Widgets” and then on “Edit” next to the widget you just created. Click on “</> Embed”, copy the HTML script and embed it into your website by using an HTML editor. 

Customizing the Widget

You can customize your widget by choosing whether you want it to be open or closed on your website, customize the texts on the widget, and set its position and loading time.

Setting Availabilities

To set your availability and appointments please click on “Calendar” in your dashboard and then on the calendar setting gear symbol. 

Once you have set your times, you click on “Update”, and your website visitors can see if you are available to talk to or choose a time slot for an appointment. 

Offer a unique customer experience

You have now successfully set up the CALLSTR widget on your website and your customers can call you for a personal consultation with just one click. 

Now, you are all set to offer a unique, individual customer experience with CALLSTR!

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